Accessibilty – Disability Plan

Admissions Policy

Adult Volunteer

Anti Bullying Strategy

Art  & Design Policy

Asbestos Policy

Attendance Policy (awaiting ratification)

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour – Levelled Approach KS1

Behaviour – Levelled Approach KS2

Charging Remissions Policy

Child on Child Abuse Policy 2023-2024

Child Protection Policy – Key Principles 2023-2024

Collective Worship Policy

Complaints Procedure

Computing Policy

Curriculum Policy

Debt Recovery Policy

Drugs Education Policy

Design Technology Policy

English as an Additional Language

Educational Visits Policy

Emergency Procedures in a Severe Situation

English Policy

Equality Information and Objectives

E-Safety Policy

Exclusion Policy

EYFS Policy

First Aid Policy

Food Policy

Geography Policy

Handwriting Policy

Health and Safety Policy

History Policy

Home Learning Policy

Hot Weather and Sun Safety

Induction Policy

International Policy

LAC Policy

Learning & Teaching (awaiting ratification)

Lettings Policy

Manual Handling Policy and Guidance

Marking & Presentation Policy

Maths Policy

Medicine in School Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Model Policies and Procedures in Exceptional Circumstances

Music Policy

Parent Partnership Policy

Physical Education Policy

Physical Intervention Policy

Primary Languages Policy

RE Policy

Reading Policy

Relationships Education, Health Education & PSHE Policy

Safeguarding Child Protection Policy Sept 2023 – 2024

School Environment

School Dinner Money Debt (

School Uniform Policy

Science Policy

SEN Policy

SMSC Policy

Values Policy

Visitor Behaviour Policy