Starting School – Reception

Children start primary school at the beginning of the academic year during which they turn five. At Eversley we admit 90 children to Reception each September (30 children per class), and all applications are processed by Enfield Schools Admission Service who are based at the Civic Centre in Enfield.

Eversley is committed to inclusive learning for all. Inclusive education means that where possible we will offer a place to all local children who wish to come to the school so long as we are able to meet their needs.

One of the best ways to get to know a school is to visit. From September 2023, Eversley Primary School will allocate most Thursday mornings to show parents around the school during term time.  The parent tour is a group tour that starts at 9am, and lasts for approximately one hour. The parent tours take place during September 2023-January 2024 and parents are required to book on the tour. If you would like to attend, please email the school office at Our school prospectus gives parents/carers an overview of the school, and is available via the link. Please look through our website for more information.

If your child was born between 1st September 2019 and 31st August 2020 you will need to apply for a Reception place starting in September 2024. You will be able to access the online portal at from September 2023 to register and complete an online application for Primary School. The closing date is 15th January 2024.

The ESAS provides an information booklet, which is available to view on line at

Online applicants will be able to find out the result of their application in April.

Eversley is a community school whereby the admission arrangements are the responsibility of the Local Authority. All offers are made directly by Enfield Schools Admission Service.

Applications are considered on the basis of full co-ordination across boroughs. Parents will need to apply through their own home authority and can include SIX schools (private schools should not be included). We recommend that you select six schools and put them in order of your preference. When selecting your six schools, please consider how far out schools have gone in previous years. For your information:

  • Your child will be considered separately for each school, regardless of your preference order (this is known as an equal preference system of allocation)
  • If ESAS are able to offer a place at more than one of your choice of schools, they will always offer your highest preference
  • If, for example, ESAS can only offer your third choice, your lower preference schools will be withdrawn, but you will be able to stay on the waiting list for all your higher preferences, ie choice number 1 and 2, up until the end of July. If you wish to stay on the waiting list for September, you will need to complete a ‘Continuing Interest Form’ to ESAS
  • If ESAS are unable to allocate any of your choice of schools, wherever possible an offer will be made at a school that has a place available after all allocations have been made (this may be a school you are not familiar with)

After the admission of pupils with an EHCP, the following criteria is used to decide which children should be offered places when there are more children wanting to go to the school than there are places available. The criteria, in order of priority, is:

  • Children in Public Care
  • Exceptional medical grounds
  • Siblings
  • Parent is a member of staff
  • Distance

Parents may email the ESAS ( and request the measurement from their home to the school of their choice. Please provide your full home address and list the schools you are considering.

The table below shows the furthest distance, number of siblings and other higher criteria offered over the last 6 years at Eversley. Please be aware that the school is unable to predict how far out the offers will go, as this depends on the number of children that will be applying for schools each year.

Academic Year Distance (mile) Siblings Higher Criteria
September 2019 .408 37 1
September 2020 .400 34 4
September 2021 .683 35 2
September 2022 .668 39 7
September 2023 .621 43 3

Sibling Criteria

If you are applying under the sibling criteria, remember to state on the application that your child has a brother or sister already attending Eversley Primary School.

 Induction and Admission Procedures:

  • Weekly tours around the school, during term time, for prospective parents
  • School will liaise with nurseries and pre-school providers
  • Pre-School Sessions in the Summer term prior to starting school
  • Home visits from the class teacher and teaching assistant in September, prior to starting school
  • Staggered intake
  • Stay and Play session in September, prior to starting school
  • Completion of a ‘Starting School’ booklet

 In-Year Admissions (Casual Admissions)

Children admitted into school other than at the beginning of Reception or during the school year will still need to apply through the Enfield Schools Admission Service. The Local Authority keep a waiting list of children who wish to join Eversley in all year groups, and will contact parents if places become available during the year. Once a place has been offered the school will arrange an individual induction to Eversley.

 Enfield Schools Admission Services

For detailed information on school admission procedures and information for parents, please visit the ESAS website at