Eversley Values

We want all pupils to understand why values help us grow and develop. We believe that focus on ethical and emotional intelligence, deepened relationships, social cohesion and a strong values culture give pupils the best chance of success.

Eversley promotes values based learning and our school values are at the core of our school aims and vision. The school has 22 key values and these are celebrated as values of the month. These values are:


Respect                     Independence                     Tolerance

Equality                     Responsibility                      Determination

Kindness                   Cooperation                        Humour

Courage                    Generosity                           Compassion

Trust                          Friendship                            Appreciation

Fairness                    Self-belief                             Positivity

Honesty                    Truth                                      Excellence


Values Award!

The Enhanced VbE School Quality Mark recognises an existing Quality Mark school’s ‘more profound and wide-ranging use of Values-based Education in improving the quality of provision and practice for pupils across the school or setting’.

The award recognises and acknowledges:

  • The continuation and further development of outstanding practice as a Values-based school.
  • The furtherance of the school’s commitment to Values-based Education as a transformational approach to schooling and improvement.
  • High aspirations of a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Commitment to creativity and innovation in the pursuit of excellence for all its pupils.
  • The school as a leader for local or nationally-based organisation in this field.

We are particularly proud to be the first school nationally to be awarded the enhanced level of this award.


Our value for the month of March 2024 is Tolerance