‘Mindfulness isn’t difficult.  We just need to remember to do it.’          Sharon Saltzberg

Paws b

We currently have 2 teachers who are trained to teach mindfulness in key stage 2 and who this year have been teaching weekly mindfulness sessions to years 5 and 6 using the Mindfulness in Schools Project Paws b programme. Paws b [pause be] is a leading mindfulness curriculum for children aged 7 -11 in schools and was initially developed in collaboration with experienced primary school teachers at Pen y Bryn school and senior mindfulness teachers and researchers at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University in Wales.

The potential benefits for pupils are that the programme:

  • Promotes well-being and resilience
  • Offers knowledge and skills applicable to the child’s life
  • Can be individually tailored to suit each child
  • Extends the thinking skills learning which is promoted in the national curriculum such as neuroscience and metacognition

We will be offering sessions across all of key stage 2 to enable all pupils to benefit from mindfulness theory and practice.


Mini Mindfulness

This term we have piloted a programme for parents and pre-schoolers – ‘Mini Mindfulness’.  This 6 week programme is an opportunity for existing Eversley parents to attend sessions with their pre-schoolers and take part in a range of practical and creative mindfulness activities.

This is what parents have said about Mini Mindfulness:

‘An opportunity for parents and children to stop and live life’

‘A good reminder to enjoy the simple moments of life’

‘The mini mindfulness sessions have given me a chance to sit back and ‘be present’ with my child in a calm and relaxed environment.  We have explored mindfulness through crafts and play all of which my child looks forward to each session’

‘A wonderfully calming and inspiring course’