Thank You/Superstars


We celebrate and value all the pupils here at Eversley by nominating them to be ‘Superstar of the Week’.

During their Superstar weekpupils wear a special badge and celebrate their work over the week with afternoon tea with the Ms Williams on the Friday of their special week.


Thank You

Each week we hold a Thank You Assembly to acknowledge and show appreciation to those children who have helped to make Eversley a better place by demonstrating one of the Eversley Values.

The school has 22 key values and these are celebrated as values of the month.

Honesty, Responsibility, Truth, Equality, Resilience, Friendship, Determination, Kindness, Positivity, Compassion, Humour, Trust, Respect, Tolerance, Appreciation, Fairness, Self-Belief, Excellence, Cooperation, Generosity, Courage and Independence.