Admissions / Induction
The school will admit 90 children to Reception each September. Parents will receive notification from the Enfield Schools Admission Service in the Spring term as to whether a place will be offered the following September. The following link can be used to access further information:

Our induction and admission procedures include:

  • Weekly tours around the school, during term time, for prospective parents
  • Weekly pre-school sessions in the summer term prior to starting school
  • Liaison with nurseries, play groups and pre-school providers
  • Home visits from class teacher and teaching assistant
  • Visit to school on the day prior to starting, with parent or carer
  • Staggered intake
  • Completion of a starting school booklet

When children are admitted into school other than at the beginning of Reception or during the school year, they are given their own individual induction.

The local authority keep a waiting list of children who wish to join Eversley Primary School in all year groups and will contact parents if a place becomes available during the year.  If you wish to join the waiting list, please apply to Enfield Schools Admission Service for an In-Year application form.

Information concerning the following matters can be obtained from:

Enfield Schools Admission Service
Civic Centre
Silver Street
Enfield, Middlesex
T: 020 8379 5501

  1. Aids to pupils e.g. free school meals, and the circumstances under which travel passes may be issued
  2. How parents should apply for admissions to schools
  3. Admissions to schools outside the London Borough of Enfield
  4. How to appeal against a placement which is not acceptable
  5. Arrangements for transfers between schools
  6. The policy of the Authority with regard to pupils bringing food and drink to school
  7. How to obtain advice regarding special education
  8. The LEA’s approved arrangements for considering complaints against the curriculum.