School Stationery Shop



The following items are available to purchase via your ParentPay account or in cash from the school office.

Please allow 24 hours for your order to be processed prior to collection.

KS1 Complete Pencil Case
(2 pencils, highlighter, sharpener, rubber & glue stick)
KS2 Complete Pencil Case
(pencil, glue stick, sharpener, rubber, highlighter, whiteboard pen, red pen & green pen)
Eversley Pencil Case £1.80
Staedtler Handwriting Pen £1.20
Glue Stick £1.20
Highlighter (colour selected at random) £1.20
Biro (red / green) .30p
Sharpener .30p
Rubber .30p
Pencil .30p
Whiteboard Pen .60p