School Gates
The electronic gate in Chaseville Park Road should NOT be used at the beginning and end of the school day. This is for health and safety reasons. This gate is also a vehicle entrance and leads on to a very busy road. Please use the gates in Oakwood Crescent
The school gates in Oakwood Crescent are open from 8.45am and close at 9am (top gate) and 9.05am (bottom gate).

All children should be in class by 8.55am which is the start of the school day. If your child is late for school an adult must come with them to the school office to sign them in, so that the register can be amended.
Please be aware that lateness is very disruptive to the pupils and to the class teacher. Children arriving after 9.05am will be marked late and children arriving after 9.30am will be marked with unauthorised late. Persistent lateness will be monitored and will also not be authorised.
Our Education Welfare Officer carries out regular register checks and children with persistent absences/lateness will be required to provide evidence for these to be authorised.

Please ensure your child is collected on time at the end of the school day:
Reception: 3.25pm      Years 1 & 2: 3.30pm      Years 3 – 6: 3.35pm

If your child is absent from school due to illness, please notify the school on the first day of absence either by email or telephone:
Telephone: Infant/Junior Welfare Assistants: 020 8360 5159 or 020 8360 7370
ParentMail: If you have downloaded the ParentMail APP on your phone, you are able to notify us of your child’s absence by logging in to your ParentMail account, click on Notify Absence, click on Add, click on drop down arrow for Reason and select reason for absence, click on drop down arrow for Length of absence and select your specific length of absence, enter any additional information if required. Click on Submit

If a child is absent for more than three days due to illness, a letter should also be brought in upon their return to school, together with medical evidence to confirm reason for absence.

Medical Appointments
Where possible, medical appointments should be arranged outside school hours. If a child needs to be taken out of school for medical appointments, the school is required to evidence appointment letters.

Absence During Term Time
Any absence should be requested in advance and in writing to Ms Williams, Headteacher, explaining the reason for the absence. You will be asked to provide documents to confirm your reason for absence. Please remember:

  • All children are expected to attend school every day during term time
  • Parents are reminded that it is expected family holidays will be arranged during school holiday periods
  • Only in exceptional circumstances may leave be granted, provided this is requested in advance of the absence and documentation is provided as evidence of exceptional circumstances
  • Where children are taken out of school without permission, these absences will be deemed unauthorised. In such cases the school can refer to the Education Welfare Service with regard to Penalty Notices.