Reading, including Phonics


At Eversley Primary School we recognise the importance of reading as a life skill that will open many doors for our pupils. We understand the significant role played by parents, teachers and support staff in supporting children to read with enjoyment, fluency and deep understanding.


Pupils in Reception and Year 1 learn phonics through the synthetic phonics Read, Write, Inc. programme. The programme is highly inclusive and has a focus on teacher modelling and pupil participation.


Pupils in years 2 to 6 have daily whole class reading sessions. Whole class reading ensures all pupils are exposed to a wide range of texts and genres and benefit from the teacher’s expert explanations, modelling, questioning and feedback.


Story time takes place at least 3 times a week in all classes.  This is a really special time for the children and helps them to develop reading for pleasure.  Different genres will be read across the year and the children often have a part to play in selecting the texts that will be read to them.


One-to-one reading both in school and at home is crucial in supporting the children’s development of reading skills.

Parents and carers have a vital role in supporting the children’s progress in reading and also in developing their love of books; this is something which we value greatly.  We are also extremely lucky to have parent volunteers who listen to our children read in school.


We are very fortunate to have a wonderful school library with an extensive range of books and a wide variety of genres available to the children.  Each class visits the school library weekly and has the opportunity to take books home on loan.