Clubs & Activities

DynaMites is a childcare organisation providing a breakfast club and after school club exclusively to pupils of Eversley Primary School during term time.

During the holiday period DynaMites provides full day care at Eversley for pupils and children in the community.

DynaMites clubs provide a range of indoor and outdoor play and sporting activities and are available for children between four and eleven years of age.

The clubs are registered by OFSTED. For a membership form please contact Nevin on 07908 368336 or visit them at Eversley Primary School during club times.

Breakfast Club

Monday to Friday 7.30am-8.50am

£3.00  per session per child

After School Club

Monday to Friday 3.30pm-6pm

£10.00 per session per child

Holiday Club

Monday to Friday 8am-6pm

£22.00 per session per child

(£18.00 per session per sibling)

We also offer a range of external fee paying sports clubs including Art Club, Basketball, Cookery, Chess, Dance, Drama, Football, Karate, Mandarin, Spanish, Tae Kwondo, Tennis & Performing Arts.