Covid19 Q&A

Questions and Answers


Public Heath England have confirmed a case of Coronavirus at Eversley

Primary School. Below are some questions that have been sent in. If you wish to ask a question, please email it and we will answer general questions as soon as we can.


How many cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed?

Only one case has been confirmed today and it is highly likely the source came from outside the school. The infected child will now self-isolate as a precaution. We have also asked 2 other members of staff and 30 pupils to self-isolate.

Which year group is affected?

The case is in Year 4 and has been contained within Class 4SS.


Have the classrooms been cleaned?

We know that the virus can possibly hang around on surfaces for up to 72 hours, so 4SS classroom, toilets and regular touch points will be cleaned today and on Tuesday evening. This is in addition to the thorough cleaning that has already taken place on Monday. The school employs 4 cleaners who work onsite during the day cleaning toilets, classrooms and communal areas.


Why isn’t the school closing?

At this stage, we only have five cases in total, since September 2020. The advice is to open the school as planned with all the systems of control in place such as hand washing, good respiratory hygiene, enhanced cleaning and protected groups. We will also continue to ask all visitors inside school to wear a face covering.


How do I know if I came into contact with the infected person?

As we keep a record of what contacts are made we know who came into contact with the infected child and have notified those who need to self isolate as a precaution.


 Do parents and visitors wear face coverings when coming into school?

All parents or visitors who have come into school have been asked to wear a face covering, as they are not part of our bubbles. The guidance provided by the government does not recommend face covering for primary pupils or staff unless in certain circumstances. Some staff have chosen to wear a covering, which is their choice.


If we have been in contact with a parent/child that has been asked to self-isolate by the school, are we also required to self-isolate and then track those we’ve subsequently had contact with also?

No, the advice to self-isolate from PHE is only for those who had direct contact. In this case contact was fairly minimal and it is a precaution that some are being asked to self-isolate. Obviously, if your child develops symptoms, then you should self isolate along with your household and let us know.


Is it safe for Reception and Year 6 to go to school?

The child infected only had contact with some staff and pupils in Year 4 and they will be self isolating at home. There is no reason at this stage to suggest any other year groups are affected.


Does the infected person have a child or family member within the school or in another year group?



 Will It be better to keep the children home a bit longer until this episode is over?

Due to the systems in place we have been able to quickly identify those who came into contact with infected person, so we are expecting this to be contained and not develop into an outbreak. We will of course remain vigilant and inform you of any new cases.


If the people that have been asked to self isolate get tested and it comes back negative, are they allowed back into school before the 14 days is up?

The advice states that anyone who came into direct contact with the child must self-isolate for 14 days from the day they developed symptoms. Your child could get a test today, however they might not develop symptoms until day 13, so that is why it is important your child self-isolates.