Phonics & KS1 Reading

Library & Reading

At Eversley we are a reading for pleasure school. We firmly believe that children who read for pleasure do better in school than those who do not. The enjoyment of books is supported by a variety of teaching methods beginning with a structured phonics programme in the early years of learning to read. One-to-one reading in school is crucial to the support of early development of skills and we value the supportive role of parents when reading at home and our parent volunteers who listen to children read at school.

Guided reading is an integral part of our learning whereby children work in small groups with an adult and explore a text through lively discussion and exposure to thought –provoking questions. Our reading curriculum encompasses a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction including stories, playscripts, information books and poetry. All different types of reading material are valued including e-books, newspapers, recipe books and magazines.

We are very excited this year by the opening of our new school library which stocks a comprehensive array

of child-centred literature. Reading for pleasure underpins our Literacy curriculum as we prepare the children for a lifetime love of books.

Recommended Reading by age –


Each class will have the opportunity to visit the school library on a weekly basis where they have an opportunity to borrow a book for up to 2 weeks. We also help the children develop good library skills such as how to navigate the library and how to look after and be responsible for their loaned book. We are all very excited about this!

Our school currently has over 500 children using the library and to make the library sessions run as smoothly as possible we need your help to encourage your children to return their library books on time. Children who forget their book or have an overdue book will be unable to borrow a new book until their outstanding loan is returned. Please bear in mind that in order to maintain and continually improve our fantastic library we will be asking parents/carers to pay for, or replace, any books lost by their child.

Overdue, lost or damaged books

Now that the library is up and running we would like to clarify our process for dealing with overdue and lost books or books which have been damaged beyond repair. Computer generated reminders will be sent out to those children with overdue books on a regular basis. These reminders are for your information only and not a request for payment.

If your child has lost a book or has failed to return it after repeated reminders a letter will be sent out detailing the amount you need to pay and the payment methods accepted. Please only pay for books if you receive a letter asking you to do so.

Please be advised that unfortunately our library system does not allow any further loans to borrowers who have an overdue item.