Curriculum Drivers

The Curriculum

Our curriculum is driven by 3 key areas: Values/Values Education, Enterprise Education and Enrichment. These are incorporated across all areas of the curriculum and help to drive and shape the themes. 

Values Education:

At Eversley we promote values based learning and our school values are at the core of our school aims and vision.  The school has 22 key values and these are celebrated as values of the month and taught explicitly throughout the month.  The values drive all areas of the curriculum and all lessons have values objectives.

Enterprise Education:

Our definition of Enterprise Education at Eversley is:
Enthusiasm, New Ideas, Team Work, Experiences, Risk Taking, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Justifying, Independence, Self Confidence, Economic Understanding.

We value and promote each of these skills at Eversley through enterprise projects embedded into the curriculum. Each year group has regular opportunities throughout the year to participate in activities, challenges and tasks in conjunction with local, national and international businesses or organisations. The projects draw upon the expertise of professionals to enable to the children to create, refine and adapt designs and ideas to meet exciting challenges and outcomes.


Children are offered a range of activities which enrich the curriculum.  This may include out of school visits, ‘master classes’, visitors into school, out of hours learning and residential school visits. These activities not only support the curriculum but also drive the themes for example by using a visit or visitor to provide the ‘wow’ moment or hook at the beginning of a theme. The curriculum is also enriched through the mastery approach. Mastery is something that we want pupils to acquire, or rather to continue acquiring throughout their school life.
A ‘mastery curriculum’, or ‘mastery approaches’ to teaching, both have the same aim—to help pupils, over time, acquire mastery of the subject. Our aim is to ensure that all pupils are given opportunities to develop this deep understanding of subjects through enrichment activities.